“Dedicated to building your future”
Walter Wayne Development acquires land and constructs commercial projects for healthcare provider, supermarket, professional office and warehousing clients who need to lease space. Clients include not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

Development includes three steps: Project Definition, Approval and Construction.

Project Definition
Walter Wayne begins by understanding our client’s facility programming – how the occupants will live, work and play. Using breakout sessions, we gain a comprehensive understanding of how our clients will maximize productivity within the development. Design elements include health and wellness, energy efficiencies and natural lighting metrics.


We bring a project to life. With our architects and civil engineers, we conceptualize a new development and provide detailed site plans and building elevations. Using building-modeling software, we provide virtual tours of proposed projects, including animated fly-by aerial views, as well as interior floor plan walkthroughs. This design technology allows clients to experience their new work environment before a shovel of dirt is lifted from the site.

Project Approval
Once a project is defined, we complete a building cost analysis. This includes occupant lease rates, estimated operating costs and build-out cost orders for the leased space. Once the preliminary design and related costs are in alignment, we prepare a contract for client’s authorization to proceed.


Project Construction
Upon signing a lease, the project is ready for final design, permitting and construction.


Before construction begins, we use virtual modeling to help define the intricate details of a project. This allows a client to experience their physical space, walking through the building, before final design is complete. As a result, necessary design changes are identified up front, reducing the chance for costly delays and inefficiencies. In addition, Walter Wayne has created a proprietary construction management program called INTERFACE that minimizes the chances for changes during construction.

Our commercial construction standards and processes have been developed over three generations comprising more than seventy years, so we provide an in-house project manager to oversee construction and ensure our standards are upheld.